Municipality Strelcha



Activities of the Strelcha Municipality

The activities of the administration are defined by the LSGLAL (Local Self–Government and Local Administration Act). The main activities are focused on:

Municipality Property

The general problems regarding acquisition, management and administration of the municipality property depends on the Municipality Council. Through tenders or competitions the mayor of the municipality offers different sites — owned by the municipality — for rent; he constitutes the construction right, right of use and he performs the sale of the sites owned by the municipality. The Municipality Council makes decision for opening of concession procedures for public municipality properties.

Local Taxes, Fees and Services Prices

The type and amount of taxes and part of the local fees are determined by law. The Municipality Council specifies a part of the local fees but only in the limits determined by law.


The kindergartens and the schools in Bulgaria are property of the state and the municipality. The municipality kindergartens are opened and closed with a decision of the Municipality Council. The mayor appoints directors of the kindergartens after competition. The educational requirements for the schools are determined by the state — by laws, acts of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Education and Science. There is an all–day kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school for common education on the territory of the Strelcha Municipality.


This activity regards arts and crafts, museums and exhibitions, libraries, etc. The directors of cultural institutions provided by the Municipality are appointed by the mayor. There is a community center „Enlightenment” on the territory of the municipality with 135–years long history. The amateur groups are part of it.

Public Works and Municipal Economy

It is one of the main activities and duties of the municipalities. This field involves: water–supply and sewerage, support and cleaning of streets and squares, parks, gardens, street lights, treatment of scraps, forestation with decorative trees. This activity is performed by the „Cleanness” departments of the municipality administration.

Social Support

The municipality realizes its social function through the department for social support and social patronage. The activities of the municipality social institutions /department for social support in Strelcha/ are assured with funds in the municipality budget. Their director is appointed by the mayor and the director of social support — by the related ministry.

Through establishment of councils for social support is realized the direct involvement of citizens in the process of problem solving for support of the low–income citizens.

Conservation of the Environment and Ecology

The Municipality Council determines the specific requirements in this filed /Regulation №1 and №2/. There aren’t ecological problems on the territory of the municipality. There isn’t pollution of the components of the environment.


The tourism is a priority task for the municipality. Strelcha is a resort with national importance. The following kinds of tourism are possible on the Strelcha territory:

  • Culture–knowledge;
  • Balneal tourism;
  • Trekking.

Other Activities

The municipality has particular rights to take care of sport and tourist sites, to secure local culture, historical and architectural monuments, etc.