Municipality Strelcha



Municipality Council

Mandate 2007–2011

Chairwoman of the Municipality Council

Ivanka Nikolova Petrishka

Phone: (0885) 39 60 00

Standing Commissions:

Law, public order and safety, Local government, Civil protection, Road Safety

Chairman: Gancho Grozev
Secretary: Iliya Velyov
  1. Svetlana Tatarova
  2. Tudor Takuchev
  3. Koyna Slavova

Social and engineering infrastructure of the municipality, public utilities, territorial–spatial structure, water, municipal property Еcology

Chairman: Vasil Savov
Secretary: George Rokov
  1. Md. Ivan Trifonov
  2. Iliya Velyov
  3. Md. Kosta Valchev
  4. Donka Dobreva
  5. Gancho Grozev

Education, health, culture, sports, social and youth activities, integration of ethnic communities, religions

Chairman: Svetlana Tatarova
Secretary–woman: Md. Zlatka Bozhkova
  1. Gancho Grozev
  2. Md. Kosta Valchev
  3. Vasil Savov
  4. Md. Ivan Trifonov
  5. Mariya Petrishka

Tourism, holiday work and activities related to national programs and EU funds, finance, economy, agriculture

Chairman: Tudor Takuchev
Secretary–woman: Mariya Petrishka
  1. George Rokov
  2. Koyna Slavova
  3. Md. Zlatka Bozhkova
  4. Donka Dobreva