Municipality Strelcha



Structure of the city municipal administration Strelcha

Municipality Admnistration

  • Mayor
  • Vice–Mayor
  • Mayoralty Mayor
  • Secretary of the Municipality
  • Probationer–Approver

General Administration

  • Senior specialist “Complex Services”

Department Administrative and financial services

  • Director
  • Chief Accountant
  • Chief expert “Civil Registration and Administrative Services”
  • Chief expert “Human resources”
  • Senior Accountant
  • Treasurer–collector Income
  • Chief expert “Local taxes”
  • Senior Accountant “Local taxes”
  • Chief expert “Civil Protection and defense training and mobilization”
  • Junior expert “Ethnic Questions”
  • Technical secretary — Support by the mayor and municipal council
  • Chief expert “Books and Ritual activities”

Specialization Administration

Department of Territory Planning, the Municipality Properties, Economics

  • Director
  • Chief architect
  • Chief specialist “Municipal Property and Concessions”
  • Chief specialist “Economics activities and Tourism”
  • Chief specialist “Тerritorial structure, Cadastre and Register”
  • Chief specialist “Programs and Projects”
  • Senior specialist “Тerritorial structure”
  • Technical secretary

Other Activities on Health

  • Nurse in School
  • Nurse in TSDG Kindergarten

Defense and Security

  • Convenience orderly on Defense and Security
  • Technicians points of management

Other activities funded by local budgets

Education, Youth and Sports Activities

  • Chief expert “Culture, Education, Youth Programs and Sport”
  • Senior Accountant
  • Treasurer–Accountant
  • Busman
  • Steward
  • Driver–Suppliers

Purity and Ecology

  • Chief expert “Purity and Road sign holding”
  • Chief expert “Landscaping, Forestry, Agriculture and Ecology”
  • Driver
  • Laborer
  • Cleaner Municipal Administration


  • Director of the Historic Museum
  • Curator of the Historic Museum
  • Informant Tourist center
  • Responsible for graveyard

Domestic Social Patronage

  • Chief specialist “Social services”
  • House–treasurer
  • Cook–master
  • Carrier of food
  • Nurse
  • Driver
  • Kitchen worker