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The development of tourism in the Strelcha region is a priority task for the municipality administration. With its unique historic and geographic characteristics, natural and historic landmarks, thermal springs and rose plantations, Strelcha is a resort of national importance and like Eden on earth for both Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

The rose gardens in Strelcha spread around 3000 decares — this is the biggest rose oil production region in Bulgaria. On the municipality territory is produced rose oil of the highest quality possible. Besides roses, during the several past years Strelcha successfully cultivates lavender, from which is extracted first0class essential oil.

The geographic position of Strelcha and the favourable combination of climate and soil characteristics present a good opportunity for the agricultural development of the region and the production of ecologically clean products.

On the city territory functions a greenhouse — Jasmine Agro Ltd., which on a 209 decares area with the latest technologies produces vegetables for the Bulgarian and foreign markets. The semi-mountainous region of Strelcha, the succulent meadows and pastures are favourable for stock–breeding.

The municipality industry is presented mainly by small and medium enterprises for the processing of dairy products, boiling of essential oils and producing bread and pastry. The optic industry is presented by the „Optic-mechanical plant”. It is the main producer of optic lenses in Bulgaria and the only producer of astigmatic and prescription lenses. The „Rockwork” plant processes rocks and produces rock tiles. It also produces glass rims. In the Strelcha region is also developed the extraction and processing of feldspar.

The transport and communications infrastructure of the municipality is well developed with comfortable roads, which connect it to Sofia, Koprivshtitsa, Panagyurishte, Plovdiv, Pazardjik, Hissar and Karlovo. The distance from Strelcha to the Trakia highway is 45 km. The closest airport is the Plovdiv airport at 60 km in distance.

  • Contact lenses

    Contact lenses

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    Lavender field

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    Oil–yielding roses field

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    Strelcha surroundings

  • Greenhouse of Jasmine Ltd.

    Greenhouse of Jasmine Ltd.

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