Municipality Strelcha




The historic heritage and the lovely nature have left their mark on the spirit and traditions of the Strelcha people. In 1904 they have built a temple–monument „St. Archangel Michael”. On stone tiles on its façade are written the names of all the town folk that have died during the April uprising and the World War II. In the enchanting surroundings of Strelcha there are also two chapels — „St. Petka” and „St. George”. During major holidays in these chapels are said liturgies.

For more than 130 years in Strelcha have been open the doors of the national community centre „Prosveshtenie” („Enlightenment”). It has been created after the idea of the Bulgarian Apostle of Liberty Vasil Levski. Its library has a rich collection of books and other reading resources. The community centre is the main stage for a variety of amateur groups, folklore choirs, theatre companies, literary club, and regional knowledge club, schools in English, computer literacy and solfeggio.

The folklore group of the town of Strelcha has won tens of gold medals and insignia of honour at regional, district and national festivals and fairs. Among those are the National fair at Koprivshtitsa, the Bulgarian fair „Rojen 2000”, the Second National Competition for performers of Bulgarian folk songs „Atanaska Todorova — Chirpan — 99”, as well as the Staroplaninski far „Balkanfolk — Veliko Tarnovo — 2000”.

Besides in Bulgaria, the folklore group of the community centre has made several successful tours abroad. In 1991 it visited Istanbul, Turkey. In 1993 it performed in Skopje, Bitola and Ohrid, Macedonia. In 1995 the folklore group visited Belfos, Strasbourg and Paris, France. Its performances have been broadcasted on the Bavarian television — Munich, the Bulgarian National Television, Radio Plovdiv, the Bulgarian National Radio and Cable TV Pazardjik.

The Holiday of the Rose is a traditional spring holiday for Strelcha. It is nationally famous. This holiday symbolizes not only the beauty translated through the centuries till today but also a part of the mentality of the Strelcha people their traditions and habits of life. The holiday commences with a ritual rose–picking and continues with the selection of the Queen of Roses. Other traditional festivities are the City Holiday — Ilinden and the fairs in the four villages within the municipality.

The rising generation is educated in the „Paisii Hilendarski” elementary school and in the „St. St. Cyril and Methodius” high school. The „Paisii Hilendarski” school has 160 years of history. In it study 250 pupils. The „St. St. Cyril and Methodius” high school has 60 years of history and educates 300 pupils. The youngest citizens of Strelcha are brought up in the lovely day nursery „Dr. Stayko Staykov”.

  • Chapel St Petka

    Chapel St Petka

  • Rose festival

    Rose festival

  • Amateur school ensemble

    Amateur school ensemble

  • High school St St Cyril and Methodius

    High school St St Cyril and Methodius

  • Folklore ensemble of Prosveshtenie community club

    Folklore ensemble of Prosveshtenie community club

  • Temple-monument St Archangel Michael

    Temple–monument St Archangel Michael