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Strelcha is situated at the foot of the South mountainsides of Sashtinska Sredna Gora, at 475 m altitude. The picturesque river Strelchanska Luda Yana twists through a lovely valley on the municipality territory and through the town itself. The strange shapes of the nature phenomena Strelcha Rock Formations stand amidst the centuries-old forest at the North and North-East of Strelcha.

The total area of the Strelcha municipality is 225 km² and it includes the town of Strelcha and four villages – Dyulevo, Smilets, Blatnitsa and Svoboda. The agricultural lands are 135 325 decares, and 96895 decares from them are cultivable. The forest covers 82252 decares. The Strelcha municipality borders the municipalities of Koprivshtitsa to the North, Hissar to the East, Pazardzhik to the South and Panagyurishte to the West.

The climate in the region is a combination of mountainous and moderate continental. The mild winters and fresh summer together with the unique features of the soil create favorable conditions for cultivating oil-yielding roses and producing rose oil with the highest quality in Bulgaria. Besides of the roses’ aroma, the scent of lavender spreads over the area from the wide lavender plants that provide first-class essential oils.

The main catchments rivers are Strelchanska Luda Yana and Kalavashtica. Ten dam lakes are built in the region: two in Strelcha and two in Dulevo, three in Smilets and three in Blatnitsa. They are used for irrigation and fish-farming.

Strelcha possesses three mineral springs with temperature from 23°C till 45°C with proved spa quality. The water is slightly mineralized, hyper thermal, hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium-fluoric and radioactive. It does not have specific colour or odour. With a pleasant taste this water is used as a remedy for several diseases.

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