Municipality Strelcha




Strelcha is located within the borders of the Pazardjik district. The municipality centre is the town of Strelcha with four mayoralties in the villages of Dyulevo, Blatnitsa, Smilets and Svoboda.

During the last few years there is a tendency for decrease in the total number of the population, a negative growth of the population and increase in the number of the elderly people.

According to the most recent data in the municipality live 5915 people. The population is unevenly distributed — 4823 people live in the town of Strelcha, 252 live in the Dyulevo village, 290 — in the Smilets village. Blatnitsa has 227 people and Svoboda — 223. The average density of the population is 13.17 people per km2. The town of Strelcha has the highest density for the whole municipality.