Municipality Strelcha




Amongst the gently sloping hills and centuries-old trees at the foot of Sashtinska Sredna Gora on the territory of the Strelcha municipality are kept unique natural landmarks and archaeological monuments. They are not only an attraction for all tourists, but also a memory of the people that have lived on this land during many epochs that have left their mark on Strelcha and its surroundings.

Strelcha Rock Formations

The huge granite colossi and peaks with weird silhouettes of castles and towers rise to the North and North–East of the town. The picturesque rocks are scattered in groups on seven grounds — Grekinski gyol, Goranitsa, Garvanov kamak, Turchanov kamak, Arabushka polyana, Kiselitsata, Gabrovitsa. The Strelcha rock formations are under the protection of the Nature preservation Act.

Thracian Cult Complex — Heroon „Jaba Mogila”

Jaba Mogila dates back from V c. BC — the time when the Bessi have ruled the lands around Strelcha. The complex is composed of two parts — a tomb–mausoleum and a sanctuary–temple. The tomb has two chambers and in them are discovered a chariot, three horse skeletons with ammunitions and nine pieces of pottery with their bottoms turned up. To the North–West of the tomb is the sanctuary. It has three chambers composed to form the „Г” sign with a total area of 25 m2.

Medieval Fortress „Strelcha Kale”

The fortress is located at 2.5 km from the town on the right bank of the river Strelchanska Luda Yana on the Galata area. It has been built in the ІX c. AC and has functioned till the ХІV c. AC. Its impressive 8 meters high protective walls have been preserved till nowadays. It takes a 40–minute walk on a pleasant route to reach to fortress.

Strelcha also arouses the interest of its visitors with its complex of houses built in authentic Bulgarian national revival style, with the remains of a Roman settlement and the tens Thracian sanctuaries, antique roads and bridges, scattered around its area.

  • Garvanov kamak

    Garvanov kamak

  • Panaiot Volov monument

    Panaiot Volov monument

  • Grobnitca Mogilata

    Grobnitca Mogilata

  • Strelchansko kale

    Strelchansko kale