Municipality Strelcha



Types of Tourism

With its agreeable climate, healing mineral springs, oil-yielding roses and remarkable archaeological heritage the town of Strelcha is a resort of national importance. On the municipality territory are developed the following Types of Tourism :

  • Cultural — an attractive place for the town visitors are the Strelcha rock formations, the Thracian tombs and the medieval fortress. The local festivities around the annual Holiday of the Rose leave unforgettable memories.
  • Balneological — the natural mineral springs are suitable for the healing of a number of diseases. The hotels and the sanatorium in the town take care for the good mood of the Strelcha guests.
  • Tracking — with its well developed infrastructure and convenient geographical location, the town is a starting point for tracking routes in Sashtinska Sredna Gora which lead to famous natural and historic landmarks: Panagyurishte, Koprivshtitsa, Hissar, Karlovo, Jaba Mogila, Kamennata prikazka, Krepostite, the peaks Valk, Barikadite, Bogdan.
  • Sredna Gora mountain

    Sredna Gora mountain

  • Saint George chapel

    Saint George chapel

  • Swimming pool with mineral water

    Swimming pool with mineral water

  • Strelcha rose

    Strelcha rose