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Балнеоложки туризъм

Туристически продукти, които предлага община Стрелча
Tourist product offered in Strelcha Municipality

Балнеоложки туризъм

Стрелча е един от известните балнеолечебни курорти в България, обявен за национален през 1969 г. Естествените минерални извори в общината датират още от времето на древните римляни и траки. На територията на общината има три естествени минерални извора (Банският извор, Топлата чешма и Банчето) и три сондажа (С-2, С-3 и С-4).
Температурата на водата варира от 56°C до 23°C
Водата на изворите се използва за лечение на:
- Заболявания на опорно-двигателния апарат
- Заболявания на периферната нервна система
- Заболявания на дихателната система
- Бъбречно-урологични
- Обменно-ендокринни
- Заболявания на сърдечно-съдовата система
- Заболявания на половата система
- Жлъчно-чернодробни заболявания

Balneological tourism
Strelcha is one of the famous balneological resorts in Bulgaria, declared as a national resort in 1969. The natural mineral springs in the municipality date back to Roman and Thracians times. There are three natural mineral springs (well Banski, Toplata cheshma and Bancheto) and three wells (C-2, C-3 and C-4) at the territory of the municipality. The water temperature
ranges from 56ーC to 23°C. The water of springs is used for treatment of:
Diseases of the locomotory system
 Diseases of Peripheral nervous system
 Gastrointestinal diseases
Diseases of the cardiovascular system
Diseases of the respiratory system
 Exchange-endocrine diseases
Diseases of the reproductive system and skin diseases
Hepato-biliary disorders Renal-urologic diseases

Strelcha Mineral Water
Mineral water can be used for external, peroral and inhalation application and for prophylactic purposes. It is slightly mineralized,
sulphate-hydro-carbonate-sodium and fluorine with temperature of 56°C.
The main services offered in the places for balneological treatment in Strelcha are as follows:

Pool and baths with mineral waterGalvanization and electrophoresis with medicinal preparationsSinusoidal-modulated currents and Interference
Pearl bathApplication of low-frequency magnetic field pulseDynamic currants and diadinamoforeza
Manual and underwater massageElectrostimulationTreatment with paraffin

Ultrasound (including underwater) and phonophoresis
Phototherapy - exposure to solux (infraredlight) and ultravioletGroup or individual remedial gymnastics and underwater remedial gymnastics

There are several sites for recreation in Strelcha that offer medical procedures using mineral water – the recreation base of the Ministry of Interior and balneological hotel “Roza”.
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